"To FUEL a generation, to IGNITE the world for Christ!"

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We are a middle school and high school gathering of awesome teenagers at The Community Chapel of Hesston.  At the very heart of what we are all about, our desire is for every student to grow closer to Jesus Christ.  With this goal, we have weekly and monthly opportunities to get involved.

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Sunday, MAY 22, 2022

Family Discussion Questions:

1. What are some examples you can share from your life when you were maybe looked down upon or doubted because of how old you were or what grade you are in?  How did that make you feel?

2. In our first lesson of Difference Maker, we saw that God looks beyond what we see as limitations and focuses on the status of the heart.  Read 1 Samuel 16:7,  What does this tell you about how God sees us?  How does it make you feel in comparison to how you felt when you were looked down upon or doubted because of 

3. We learned form the life of David that despite our age, we are called to lead.  What are some ways that we can lead as teenagers?

4. We also learned that as we lead, there are going to be those who are against us and what we are doing.  Is that something that frightens you or does it motivate you? Explain.

5. There are also going to be those who are excited about what you are doing and ready to celebrate the victories that come from it.  How can we encourage one another as we each answer God's calling to lead as difference makers?

6. Most importantly, we are called to be obedient to God no matter what our circumstances.  When it comes to living out your faith, what are some things that we are called to do that you find intimidating? Spend some time in prayer and ask God for the boldness and strength to help you overcome those fears.


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For any questions or concerns about our youth program or any upcoming fundraisers, activities, or events,
please feel free to contact Pastor Doug at anytime.